City as Character by Tyler Malone for Lapham’s Quarterly

Tyler Malone on the “city as character”:

In text-cities like Ulysses, Berlin Alexanderplatz, and Manhattan Transfer, readers walk through words and pages, experiencing a city alive, asserting its idiosyncrasy, its uniqueness—fleeting, eternal, fugitive, infinite—amid the ebb and flow of passages.


How to survive your 40s

Pamela Druckerman on how to survive your 40s:

These days, when I think, “Someone should really do something about that,” I realize with alarm that that “someone” is me.

Stephen Shore @ MoMA

All clips here are worth exploring, but I was struck in particular by Shore’s thoughts on Instagram and global photo-based communities and how the iPad, like a view camera, mediates the act of picture making.

Joel Meyerowitz on the impact of smartphones on street photography

Stuart Jeffries writing for The Guardian:

Today, what entranced Joel Meyerowitz about the street is all but dead. “Nobody’s looking at each other. Everybody’s glued to their phones.” But street photography still exists? “It’s thriving but not in the way I used to do it. The best street photographers now show humans dwarfed by ad billboards. The street has lost its savour.”

Kottke’s Advice for Visiting Paris

Having just returned from a long overdue revisit, I would agree with most of Jason’s and Tyler’s recommendations and observations. Paris is a work of art (veering on cliché) best explored on foot and by Metro.

Twelve of the world’s most beautiful bookshops

So much to like here. Have to love El Ateneo (a converted theater!!). If pressed, at the moment, I think the old Seminary Co-op would top my list, not for anything overwhelmingly beautiful about the space, but the overall feeling of submersion it always created. Books and basements. Who knew?